MIRA Lunch Box, Snack Box, Stainless Steel 2 Container Set Review

I get so tired of using plastic sandwich bags to put my kids snacks into. I have to keep buying them and it’s not great for the environment. Plus it’s just annoying getting them open, then closed etc. That’s why I was excited to see the MIRA Stainless Steel 2 Container Set! Finally something I can re-use without the hassle and the waste of plastic baggies.

MIRA Lunch Box, Snack Box, Stainless Steel 2 Container Set Review

I got a set of two hot pink ones which just happen to match my daughter’s Princess lunch box perfectly. She was so excited when she saw them and wanted me to pack her lunch immediately. Since they are stainless steel, I knew they’d be perfect for keeping things like her fruit cool and fresh.

I packed her grapes for lunch the first day. She told me she couldn’t get it open and her teacher had to help her. I showed her the little part that extends out like a handle that she could grab onto and pull open. Once I showed her, she got it!

I ran these through the dishwasher and was kind of expecting water spots since they are the shiny stainless steel and not brushed but nope, not a spot! I love that they came out looking as sparkly and new as when I got them. And the lid didn’t get distorted like some do.

I’m trying to keep my kids the importance of taking care of the world we live in and the Mira Lunch Box snack set instead of disposable bags is a step in the right direction!

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