Save Space with an Expandable Hose

expandable-hoseThe Expandable Hose is perfect for my back yard. It reaches 100 feet! This hose is so light weight; it is amazing!

When you first open and take out the Expandable Hose you may wonder how it is ever going to be 100 feet long. Just hook it up to the faucet, turn the water on and watch the hose stretch out! Then turn the water off and the hose shrinks up! My kids were completely entertained by this! The material is light, it is easy to handle, roll up and/or carry. I am really impressed so far.

expandable-hose-specsI saw this kind of hose in stores and I thought that I would never try it and it must be one of those things that ends up to be a big mistake. I have read some unfavorable reviews on similar hoses so I know I am taking a little bit of a chance. The thing is we had a coil water hose and it got a hole or crack in it so we needed a replacement. This is for an extra faucet in our back yard that we use only occasionally. I figured for that, this hose was worth a try.

We have only had the Expandable Hose for a short time, but it seems to hold the water pressure just fine for watering around our yard which is our main purpose for using this hose. We have not yet used it through any of the seasons. We get cold temperatures in the winter and very hot temperatures in the summer in the low desert of California. That will be the true test for me is to see how the Expandable Hose weathers. I am hoping for the best.

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