This Car Seat Organizer has Just the Right Amount of Storage!

Traveling with children is always an adventure! Basically anywhere we go outside of town is an hour journey since we live far from our families and some friends. I hate having things loose rolling around in the car and out of the reach of my buckled in kids.Jemsly Car Seat Organizer-front

This Car Seat Organizer was exactly what I needed to get organized! With eight pockets, it literally has a space for everything! I had a hard time deciding where to put this in my van. I have three kids aged 6, 5 and 1. While the one year old obviously requires the most “stuff” it’s the other two that I worry about entertaining while in the car.

In the end I decided to put it where my five year old daughter Paige sits. She is my most active child and also my most easily bored! Plus she sits in the second row so I can also put things in there for ME to have her hand to me if needed. My six year old has the whole backseat to himself so he can easily place things on the seat next to him for easy access.

The car seat protector is super easy to “install.” You just click the buckle around the headrest of the seat in front of you, in our case the passenger seat.

I put things in it like our portable DVD player and it’s charger as well as the case holding a selection of movies. My daughter also has one of our old phones to play games on that fits perfectly in the little front pockets. The cupholders on the side give her everything she needs and we still have pockets left over for things like snacks that are in and out of the van.

I’m really happy with the car seat organizer and the way it’s helped organizer my van! I might have to get one for everyones seat so they can have all their supplies as well!

Product Description

Jemsly Car Seat OrganizerLooking for a solution to the clutter in your car? The Jemsly Car Organizer is the answer! The organizer is made out of high quality 600D oxford fabric, and has 8 pockets of various sizes to fit anything you may need in the car. The Jemsly Car Organizer comes with an adjustable strap designed to fit almost any vehicle. Use it on the front of the passenger seat for your personal needs when traveling alone or just turn it to the back for the kids when traveling with family. This versatile car organizer is perfect for all your needs.

Traveling with children? No need for clutter in your car.The Jemsly Organizer was designed with kids in mind. Made out of quality oxford fabric to ensure durability,the organizer is outfitted with 6 main pockets to conveniently fit all your necessities from pampers and wipes to pacifiers and toys plus two convenient drawstring pockets on the side so that you never again have to search for the bottle while your child is crying in the back seat.

Do you travel often? Is everything just laying around in your car? Clutter piling up? Get the Jemsly Car Organizer and get clutter free! Whether it’s personal stuff such as your laptop and Ipad or travel essentials like tissues and an umbrella everything fits comfortably in one of the 8 pockets of this organizer.

  • Keep your car organized for an enjoyable ride
  • High quality oxford fabric for utmost quality and durability
  • 8 various size pockets to fit all your accessories neatly & securely, ideal for ipad, notebooks, tablets, drinking bottles etc.
  • Adjustable strap to fit most makes and models -easily swings around to hang on the front or back of the seat.
  • Easy and convenient to use and extremely versatile

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